Come learn to make tile mosaics with Robert Stout and Stephanie Jurs of Twin Dolphin Mosaics.
Ceramic tile is a versatile mosaic material, perfectly suited to creating quality artwork. Robert and Stephanie have been creating broken tile mosaics for over twenty years; their work ranges from small wall pieces to large mosaic pavements, many of which are public art commissions for US universities and museums.
Twice winners of Spectrum awards (First Prize Commercial and Award of Merit), Twin Dolphin Mosaics continues to produce tile mosaic artwork for public and private clients in the US and Europe. Their current project is five pavement mosaics for an Art Center near Seattle, Washington.
The techniques and the ‘feel’ of tile mosaics are both similar and quite different from those of mosaics made with glass or marble. During this five day course you will create a 12-16” square mosaic using solid-body porcelain tiles. This material is an unglazed commercial ceramic tile, high fired, suitable for both interior and exterior applications. A solid color throughout, it breaks easily with either a hammer or nippers.
A course appropriate for beginners as well as advanced mosaicists, you’ll learn techniques suitable for large or small scale works. We’ll cover issues related to the design, production, materials, techniques and installation of tile mosaic artwork.

The course is 40 hours, Monday to Friday; the cost is 660€ which covers taxes, insurance, all instruction and materials, use of tools, certificate attesting to successful completion of the course, and the mosaic you create during the course.


For more information and details, contact us or contact Stephanie at twindolphinmosaics@yahoo.com

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